10 year partnership with AMI


The AMI Foundation promotes a unique early childhood education. Maria del Carmen Vasquez, President, tells us more.

“According to neurobiological research, a person’s development is the result of his or her interaction with his or her environment. This interaction, which is his own, is one of the essential conditions for the development of his intelligence. We can then understand the adult’s role towards the child, which is to create a safe environment for him/her, to offer unconditional emotional support and to let him/her deal with his/her body in a spontaneous and autonomous way. The child must be able to make decisions, organize himself, initiate and complete activities at his own pace while drawing his own conclusions.

What are the key elements to establish a bond of respect and caring between children and their mothers?

The Foundation accompanies mothers once a week in the discovery of their child by suggesting that they take into account the rhythm, feelings and original ways that their little one portrays the world. The essential element that allows mutual respect is to be able to share moments during which the adult remains calm, attentive and without manipulative action. In this way, he or she will let the child cry for their pain, express their feelings and thoughts without trying to tell them how they should think, react or find solutions.

What feedback do you have from the children you helped who have now left the Children’s Home?

I can say that these children are emotionally stable people who demonstrate creative skills.
They are able to adapt to a given environment without losing sight of their intuition and needs and have no particular problem complying with the rules.
Children express themselves with dignity among themselves or in front of adults and understand and accept their skills and limitations.
They are also attentive and take into account different points of view.

In your opinion, what are the predominant issues regarding child protection in Ecuador?

Knowledge of the neurobiological foundations of human beings is essential in order to provide training for early childhood professionals in both the public and private sectors.
Recognising the child as a person going through an essential phase of his or her development.
To protect them and create environments that foster their development by focusing on meeting their authentic needs.”

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