The Nebeday Community is launched!

Marion Osmont

Since 2011, in order to fight against the destruction of natural ecosystems in the Siné Saloum regions of Senegal, Nébéday involves local populations.

Through reforestation operations, environmental awareness campaigns in schools and the promotion of sustainable fuels such as straw charcoal, Nébéday supports rural communities in their efforts to preserve the environment.

Over the years and through its actions, many people have wished to commit themselves to Nébéday’s values and projects.  This is why, in order to rally its partners and perpetuate their commitment, the association launched the Nébéday Community.

Join the community to be informed of the association’s activities, to get involved in possible actions around you and to support them financially. Join the Nébéday Community and unite around a common goal: to put the environment at the heart of development.


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