Corporate philanthropy in the service of the common good

Morgane Le Gall

A study on the impact of corporate philanthropy in France, written by Sciences Po Toulouse, has just been published by Admical, an association recognized as a public utility for the development of philanthropy.

The result is that in France, public authorities are gradually withdrawing from public interest organisations which now rely heavily on the private sector.
In 2017, nearly 10% of companies are benefactors and represent 3.6 billion €.

If we look at their typology, it is the large companies, although few in number, that represent nearly 60% of the French philanthropic budget.
Very small, small and medium-sized businesses are undergoing dynamic change and have multiplied their donations by 2.6 in 10 years.


Beyond financial support, philanthropy is a partnership between two actors with different realities and both entrepreneurs and benefactors agree that it has enabled them to acquire greater credibility, legitimacy, notoriety, visibility and network.

It is also about human exchanges and savoir-faire.


Thus, skill-based philanthropy, which consists in giving employees the means to carry out public-interest actions through volunteering on their working time, seems to improve the company’s quality of life: employee involvement is all the more important, as is pride in being part of the company, recognition of new solidarity, knowledge about social innovation and awareness of social and environmental issues.


Others argue that philantropy also allows innovative and alternative projects to emerge. Indeed, philantropy has the advantage of giving social project leaders more freedom than public funding.


Admical is now considering the implementation of new tools to promote corporate philanthropy and a mutulized call for proposals from social project initiators.

A single online platform accessible to all public-interest organizations would make it possible to centralize projects and disseminate information to all benefactors.

Associations, which have few means to make themselves known and their needs known, would gain in visibility and time.


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