The farmers of tomorrow, Emmaüs Roya

Emmaüs Roya

Cédric Herrou and his association DTC – Defend Your Citizenship, created in September 2017 to welcome asylum seekers to his farm, are launching the first fully farming Emmaüs community in France: Emmaüs Roya.

After housing asylum seekers for medium and long periods of time, they became aware of the strength of the community and the power of working the land to rehabilitate people.

“Thanks to the volunteers and the refugees themselves, we were able to organize the emergency reception of thousands of people. A real refuge where people can eat, sleep, rest, get medical care but also laugh, learn and get involved.
Very quickly, we realize that the quality of the welcome is not based on the comfort of the place, but on the consideration of the person. It is by treating refugees as equals, empowering them and making them essential to the proper functioning of the place that reception begins the integration of these people. ” reveals Cédric Herrou.


The team therefore decided to open the community to other people in situations of exclusion, which allows for a greater diversity.

This new Emmaus community in the Roya Valley, combining solidarity and ecology, is a concrete response to exclusion, the management of migration and the environmental crisis.

Emmaus Roya aims to build, with the refugees, an inclusive place of exchange through farming, between the inhabitants of the Roya Valley and all people in a situation of exclusion.

Together, they will participate in the cultivation and marketing of local and seasonal organic products.

A model of a sustainable, socially committed and environmentally friendly, lasting economic activity.


In 2019, the Foundation contributes to the construction of the site.


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