Created in 1997, the Center for International Voluntary Service Community (CIVS) is committed
to the poorest communities in Kenya.
In Kenya, half of the population lives under the poverty threshold.
3 girls out of 10 do not go to school and many are victims of female genital mutilation.
In the Nyanza province, one of the poorest in the country, the systematic exclusion of girls due to
ancestral customs violates their dignity.


The project
The association relies on a network of 150 competent Asian, African and European volunteers and accompanies empowerment projects, particularly for women while contributing to enrich social links and diversity.

Our engagement We participated in the construction of 4 new classrooms in the “Omobaya Academy” school to allow for the enrollment of 267 children including 135 girls.

Since 2018, our commitment totaled 5,000 €.

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