Mwitu Na Watu, which means “Environment and tribe”, is a Kenyan foundation which was created in 2011 for the protection and education of disadvantaged children and for the economic development of local communities. In Nairobi, it supports the “Siloam” orphanage of Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums by promoting education for the children
and improving their living conditions.


The project As “Siloam” has moved to the vicinity of the Ugandan border and gained financial autonomy, Mwitu Na Watu now accompanies the Lonkobei primary school, which is located in the Maasai territory in the area of Shompole.

Our engagement Since 2013, we have participated in the canteen fees for 107 students.

Since 2011, our commitment has totaled 27,000 €.

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