Founded in 1980, SOL, which stands for ” Agroecological and Solidarity Alternatives “, works to develop sustainable agriculture and protect cultivated biodiversity.

The association is present in Senegal and France; and since 1980 in India, where it works in collaboration with the Navdanya association, founded by Indian activist Vandana Shiva, alternative Nobel Prize in 1993, for the empowerment of rural communities in the North.


The project In three Indian states, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, SOL supports the training of local farmers in agroecology and guardians of ancient seeds who are resilient to climate change.

Our engagement We have participated in training programs for 430 peasant farmers in agricultural techniques that are resilient to climate change as well as raising awareness among the general public and young people.

Since 2018, our commitment totaled 4,500 €.

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