Created in 2010, Watever, a combination between WATER and EVER, is an association which aims to assist disadvantaged populations living on the shores of oceans and great rivers.

While Bangladesh is a country which is highly threatened by the effects of climate change and particularly by floods, cyclones and tropical storms, its population is extremely dependent on the surrounding water to meet its daily needs. The boats used are regularly damaged and thus lead to disasters such as drownings.

The project Watever has set up a monitoring and assistance program for persons in danger. It is also leading a project for the development of a bio-composite/bamboo material which is adapted to naval carpentry and has created a training center for shipbuilding.

Nous participons à l’acquisition et à la mise en œuvre de bateaux rapides de localisation et de première assistance, ainsi que de chaloupes de sauvetage.

Our engagement
We particpated in the acquisition and the setting up of search and rescue speed boats.
Since 2016, our commitment totaled 4 500 €.

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