Samu Social

Samu Social International (SSI) is an International Solidarity Association, created in 1998 by Dr. Xavier Emmanuelli, whose mission is to support the creation and development of emergency services for people in great distress, living on the street, and in particular children and adolescents.
Convinced that the great exclusion is a problem experienced by all the major cities, both in western and developing countries, Dr Emmanuelli created the ISS based on the experience and method of the Samu Social Paris, whose implementation he had initiated five years earlier.

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The project

The association intervenes by supporting the Social Samu that it has created in 16 countries in Europe, Africa and South America, particularly among street children in Cairo, Tunis, Algiers, Casablanca, Ouagadougou, Bamako, Dakar, Luanda, Libreville, Moscow, Bucharest, Lima, Cayenne.

Mobile teams travel the streets by day and by night to provide medical, psychological and social care to the most deprived people in their places of residence, while ISS and its social partners also have day care centres, care centres and residential centres.

Our engagement

The association works in a network with public and private structures that manage the global care of people with disabilities, to strengthen their prospects for social, professional or family integration. The SSI carries out an advocacy mission to alert public authorities on the causes and evolution of severe exclusion and propose appropriate responses.

The association also has a mandate for university teaching, continuing education and action research, in order to contribute to a better knowledge of populations in situations of great exclusion, and to a better care of these people.

Since 2018, our support amounts to €20 000.

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