Pintar flores sobre el agua 

Hélène Franon

Ch’ul Ixim is an organization that works to preserve the environment and indigenous traditions as well as to develop agro-ecology and food autonomy in a Chiapas community in San Jorge, Mexico.

The organization is developing a societal and environmental project that will not only help the community’s food autonomy but also improve their living conditions. Insolite Bâtisseur Philippe Romero has been supporting Ch’ul Ixim since 2016. We contributed to the installation of a water tank, the access to electricity, the construction of a grain storage silo and the transformation of agricultural land into agro-ecological plots in the Chiapas community of San Jorge.

The organization invites you to discover its commitment to the families of the village of San Jorge through its film Pintar flores sobre el agua screened on Saturday, April 13 at 6:30 pm at Les Murs à Pêches in Montreuil, as part of the Le Sens de l’Humus organization’s event.

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