S.E.P du Bayon : Khmer traditions at school

S.E.P du Bayon

In Cambodia, more than 10% of children are not enrolled in school. To address this issue, the SEP du Bayon organization provides education from primary school to high school and then to vocational training.

At the Bayon primary school, in the Angkor temple region, 250 orphans and children from a very precarious background benefit from a comprehensive educational program that includes sports, science, mathematics and Khmer language classes. Since 2018, the association has launched a new after-school program: Khmer puppet classes. Protected by UNESCO’s heritage, this traditional art form, under its original name “Sbek Thom”, shadow theatre, is a cultural practice passed down from generation to generation.

Children learn how to create their puppets using traditional tools on a base of carved cowhide. A play is currently being created and the first performance will take place in March.

The Foundation has been supporting SEP du Bayon since 2018 and this year’s after-school program.


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