A skateboard for education


Since 2018, we celebrate World Education Day on the 24th of January. Nevertheless, according to UNESCO, that same year, 258 million children and young people were out of school worldwide.

In South Africa, primary education is compulsory for all children, yet thousands of them are denied access to quality education. According to UNICEF, many face a bumpy school career, interrupted by irregular attendance, lack of teachers, teenage pregnancy, abuse and violence in and around the school.

It is in this context of insecurity that the association Skateistan has established itself in Johannesburg in order to educate, accompany and support these boys and girls in search of building themselves. The association uses an innovative method to encourage children to go to school: skateboarding.

Through the practice of skateboarding, the school offers several educational and fun programs in a safe place that protects children and young people from daily pressures and external threats. The “Skate and Create program”, for example, helps students aged 7 to 13 to acquire skills that are essential to their development, thanks to a balance between regular sports practice and school support accessible to all levels of literacy. In 2019, 855 children enrolled in Skateistan’s programmes, 44% of whom are girls.

Since 2019, the Foundation has been contributing to the school’s operating costs.


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