We support the actions of local and international associations and NGOs
by financing development projects in Southern countries.

In cooperation with our African, Asian and South American partners,
we intervene in educational, cultural, health, economic and environmental areas .

Since its creation in 2009, the Foundation has financially supported over 100 projects.


Child Protection

Because children will become the adults of tomorrow, child welfare is one of our priority areas of intervention.

The associations that we support work to provide care for children
with disabilities or who have been abandoned or abused,
reintegrate street children and
provide schooling and access to health care for all.

They intervene in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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Development Aid

Because we refuse to admit the fatality of a world divided between North and South, we are committed to the sustainable development of disadvantaged countries.
The associations that we support are committed to vocational training, the valorization of skills, job creation and the establishment of fair trade.

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Environment and Culture

Since local economies that respect natural and cultural heritage allow for sustainable development, we are committed to preserving the environment and cultures. The associations that we support work to provide training programs in organic agriculture and the sustainable management of resources, promote local crafts or establish artistic workshops based on the complementarity of cultures.

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Humanitarian emergencies

Because some natural or sanitary disasters require an immediate international mobilization, we allocate over 19,000 € from our budget to emergency humanitarian assistance every year.

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